Working in The United States As A Canadian Citizen

A United States work visa, or work permit, is a requirement for almost any foreign national who wished to legally work in the United States for a United States business or employer. Canadian citizens also require work permits to work in the United StatesWork in the United States as a Canadian citizen

There is a long list of different types of United States work visas, some of which may apply to your situation. Whether you are looking for work in the United States, you already have a job offer in the United States, you have a very particular set of skills or education, you are being transferred to the United States by your employer or you would like the opportunity to invest in the United States, chances are there is a visa that will suit your situation.

What United States work visa should I apply for?

United States work visa applications are difficult and complex, often requiring information about your employment history, living situation in Canada and information from your employer. If you apply for a visa you are not eligible for, it can have a negative effect on any United States work visa applications you submit in the future because it can raise red flags.

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