Will New York Toughen its Immigration Enforcement?

Arizona recently passed laws that make immigration enforcement much more strong. These laws include allowing police officers to check the immigration documents of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally, and to arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant.

David Crary of KHQ reports that many other states such as Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah might follow in Arizona’s footsteps. But could New York adopt such strict measures as well?

Will Immigration Policy in New York Follow Arizona’s Lead?

New York is unlikely to emulate Arizona’s policies anytime soon. Not only is it not the typical pro-immigrant approach of New York, but it is not a feasible policy to enforce.

“I can’t envision the state adopting the position that we should be enforcing immigrant laws,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, noting that his state has ample law enforcement challenges on its plate already.

In many other states, immigration enforcement is more relaxed on purpose. States such as Alaska and Vermont need immigrant workers to keep their workforce strong, since there aren’t enough locals to fill all positions.

Clearly, factors such as employment and attitudes towards immigration are important factors to consider when looking at what state to immigrate into. New York, being one of the biggest multicultural centers of the US, is a much more pro-immigration state, and might be a good place to move to.


News Source: khq.com

Image Source: businessweek.com

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