When A Canadian Visa Application is Refused

Someone who has applied for immigration to Canada or applied for a Canadian visa is likely very excited about the process – and it can be quite exciting! However, that excitement can quickly turn to heartbreak if you come to find out that your application for a Canadian visa has been refused or denied. immigration appeals

Having a visa application denied can be extremely disappointing, and there are many different reasons why this can happen with your application. For example, you may not have been qualified for the type of visa you chose to apply for, or there could be something like a criminal record that is making you inadmissible to Canada.

But there could also be other reasons it was denied, such as an error on your application, insufficient information on your application or there was a mistake made in the review of your application when it was being processed.

What can you do when your Canadian visa application is denied?

If you believe you are qualified for the visa you applied for and that you deserve to be issued that visa, you could be eligible to appeal the decision that was made. There are several different options when you need to appeal a decision that was made by Canadian Immigration on your application. This includes appealing to the Immigration Adjudication Division or the Federal Court of Canada, but what you do next depends on a lot of different things like why your application was denied and what kind of application it was.

You could also be able to make an official request for your application to be brought back to the Case Processing Centre to be reviewed again.

The immigration appeals process could be just the second chance you and your visa application need to be accepted to come to Canada. Contact us at the number above for help!

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