What do I need to get a Temporary Resident Permit for Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada?

The Canadian immigration department affords those who are criminally inadmissible to Canada (denied entry or will be denied entry because they have a criminal record) the opportunity to apply for a temporary resident permit, or visitor visa. Even if you are criminally inadmissible to Canada and have or will be denied entry, you may be able to enter the country once you are approved for a temporary resident permit.

Requirements for a temporary resident permit

There are requirements for a temporary resident permit, and then there are additional requirements if the temporary resident permit is being applied for because of criminal inadmissibility.

For all temporary resident permits:

1. You will need to complete and sign an application for a temporary resident permit, and fill it out properly according to the instructions – please type or use block letters, and do not leave any blank spaces.

2. You will need to include copies of your passport or driver’s license and birth certificate from the United States.

3. You will need two photographs that meet passport photo requirements, taking within the past six months.

4. You must pay the fee for the temporary resident permit in advance, including the receipt with your application.

For temporary resident permits due to criminal inadmissibility:

1. Include a letter from your employer that describes your job in detail including your current salary and how long you’ve worked there.

2. Provide proof that your drivers’ license was restored if it was suspended in any way related to your conviction.

3. If you had to complete community service or pay fines due to your conviction, include proof that these are completed.

4. Write a personal statement describing your offence and any circumstances surrounding it.

5. You will need copies of the laws you were convicted under, as well as copies of each court judgement that was made against you.

6. Provide reference letters from responsible citizens in your community who know you, like a doctor, a priest or the parole board.

7. You will need a national, state and local police certificate. This means one from the FBI, one from your state police and one from your local/city police.

Please note that if you fail to include a piece of supporting documentation that is required for a temporary resident permit, your application could be delayed, denied or returned to you without being processed. To avoid missing something important or making a mistake with your application, have a licensed immigration attorney review it for you. You can contact our NYC office using the phone number above.

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