What do I bring to the US border for a B1 Business Visitor Visa for NYC

Are you going to NYC for business travel? You may be required to obtain a business visitor visa in order to enter the United States for business purposes, and the formal name for this visa is the B-1 Business visitor visa. If you are a Canadian citizen you will only need to visit the United States border or port of entry to obtain your visa, and you will receive a stamp on your passport instead of an actual, formal visa. 

Documents required for a B1 Business visitor visa

When you want to obtain a B1 business visitor visa, you need to provide United States immigration officers with several documents. You must bring these documents with you to the border when you go to get your B1 business visitor visa.

These documents include providing proof of ties to your home country and proof that you will be engaging in allowable B1 business visa activities such as going to a business meeting, purchasing goods or property in the United States, negotiating contracts or consulting with associates.

To show proof of your ties to your home country, you must demonstrate that you have enough waiting for you back in Canada that you will not overstay your visa. To do so, you could provide bank records, information about your close family back home, proof that you own property and information about your current job if you have full-time employment at a Canadian company.

To prove that you will only be engaging in acceptable activities on a B1 business visitor visa, you can provide immigration authorities with a letter from your employer detailing the work you will be conducting, or a letter from the American organization that invited you to the United States, for example.

Hire an immigration lawyer for your B1 Business visitor visa!

The immigration process is not an easy one, even if you are a Canadian citizen applying for a B1 business visitor visa. Problems can arise when the immigration officers at the United States border suspect that you are attempting to enter the country for work or purposes that aren’t suited to a B1 business visitor visa. When you apply, you must ensure that your supporting documentation is up to par or you will be denied for a B1 visa, and possibly denied entry to the United States. We can help you ensure that you are prepared to enter the United States for a B1 business visitor visa, just call us at the above phone number.

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