I Want to Visit Canada But I Have A Criminal Record

Entering Canada With a US Criminal Record

Are you aware that a criminal record of any kind could actually result in your
being turned away at the Canadian border or port of entry – even if you’re a
United States Citizen?Canada Visitor Visa

Something like a DUI charge or a small drug possession charge (like a pot bust)
from decades ago could result in the Canadian border officials making you turn
around and go back where you came from – what a majorly time-consuming and
costly inconvenience!

If you’ve got a criminal record and have gotten into Canada before, you might
have just gotten really lucky – you can still be denied entry to Canada at the

I am worried I could be denied entry to Canada

If you are concerned about being denied entry to Canada, you could apply for a
tourist visa. A Canadian tourist visa is also called a temporary resident visa and
allows visitors to come to Canada to visit on a temporary basis. If you obtain one
of these tourist visas, you will have a better chance of being allowed into Canada
even with a criminal record because you will have to go into great detail about
your case and personal situation to obtain one.

How to get a temporary resident permit or tourist visa in Canada

1. Prepare all of the additional documents you will need for your temporary
resident permit or tourist visa application. These types of documents can include
things like birth certificates, proof of employment, proof of your financial situation,
information about your ties to the United States and documents related to your
travel itinerary. Which documents you need will depend on the facts surrounding
your case.

2. Make an application for a Canadian tourist visa or temporary resident permit in
Canada. Make sure the application is filled out completely and accurately, and
that you have read and understand all of the instructions presented to you on the

3. Have a licensed immigration lawyer review your temporary resident permit or
tourist visa application. They will help you make sure that everything is in the
proper order, you haven’t made any mistakes and that you haven’t missed

4. Pay the fee and submit your application. The fee for a tourist visa application
in Canada can range from $70 to $150, but can also be grouped together for
$400 for an entire family.

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