B1 Business Visitor Visa

You Are Canadian And Want To Enter USA For Business?

The vast majority of Canadians entering the United States for business purposes are B-1 permit holders.

The B-1 Visa is a very fast and relatively simple means of visiting the United States for temporary business purposes.

Fast and simple may not be your outcome if you don’t get the right help in structuring your application and gathering all the right documents for the best chances of approval.

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A B-1 Business Visitor is required for Canadian Residents wishing to enter the United States to conduct general business-like activities such as:

  • Attend business meetings
  • Consult with associates
  • Attend business conferences and conventions
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Investigate business opportunities
  • Purchase property in the U.S

Under NAFTA, people with B-1 status may perform the following activities:

  • Attend business meetings
  • Consult with associates
  • Attend business conferences and conventions
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Investigate business opportunities
  • Purchase property in the U.S
  • Research and design, including technical, scientific, and statistical research.
  • Growth, manufacturing, and production, including harvest owners supervising harvesting crews and purchasing and production management personnel conducting commercial transactions.
  • Marketing, including market researchers and analysts and trade fair and promotional personnel attending trade conventions.
  • Sales, including sales representatives and agents taking orders and negotiating contracts for goods or services, but not delivering goods or providing services; buyers purchasing for an enterprise located in Canada.
  • Distribution, including transportation operators delivering to, or loading and transporting from Canada or the United States, with no intermediate loading or delivery within the United States; customs brokers performing brokerage duties associated with the export of goods.
  • After-sales service, including installers, repair and maintenance personnel, and supervisors possessing specialized knowledge essential to the seller’s contractual obligation, performing services or training workers to perform such services pursuant to a warranty or other service contract incidental to the sale of commercial or industrial equipment or machinery, including computer software purchased from an enterprise located outside the country, during the life of the warranty or service agreement.

What activities are NOT permissible under B-1 status?

The answer is not that clear. Basically, activities, which “engage the U.S. labor market” are not permitted, that is, you are not supposed to engage in productive activities, which are normally performed by U.S. workers.

B-1 status is Temporary

It is important to note that like the TN Visa and L-1 Visa, a B-1 Visa status is for a temporary period and the applicant is required to leave the United Status when the B-1 activity is completed.

How Do I Qualify For A B-1 Visa?

Canadian Citizens may obtain a B-1 Visa at a U.S/Canadian port of entry. B-1 applicants may be advised to present the following documentation in support of their B-1 case:

  • Evidence of ties to Canada such as bank records
  • Evidence of close family relatives
  • Property deeds and any other documentation that shows that the applicant will return to Canada before or upon the expiry of B-1 status.
  • Documents showing that the applicant will be engaging in permissible B-1 activities.

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