US Visa Program Update Allows E-2 Visas For Israelis

Earlier this summer, United States President Obama signed legislation that would allow citizens of Israel to obtain E-2 Investor visas for the United States. Previously, citizens of Israel have been unable to obtain E-2 Investor visas for the United States and had only been able to obtain E-1 treaty trader visas.

What is an E-2 Investor Visa?

An E-2 Investor Visa is visa that allows foreign citizens to live in the United States as long as they invest a certain amount of money or capital in businesses in the United States. Thanks to President Obama’s new signing, Israeli citizens only need to invest as low as $100,000 in a United States business to obtain the E-2 Investor Visa.

Israelis coming to NYC on Visas

According to recent news articles, the change in the visa program earlier this summer has resulted in many Israeli investors coming to the New York City real estate market, infusing billions of dollars into the local economy.

The change has not yet been approved by the government of Israel, but that hasn’t stopped the many deals that are currently occurring throughout the city.

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