US Demands More H-1B skilled Workers

New York– Amid the economic controversies affecting many employers in the United States, there are jobs that business owners in the US just cannot fill when they most need to. Their listings for job openings are sweeping online and in print, but these employers hardly find the right candidates for the jobs that offer a decent pay.

Demand for highly skilled workers

The employers in the United States, particularly from the Northeastern States such as New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, are in great need of skilled workers.

The Brookings Institute has recently released a report stating that the three Northeastern states have a considerable demand for highly skilled workers. The report is entitled “The Search for Skills: Demanding for H-1B Immigrant Workers in U.S. Metropolitan Areas”.

H-1B visa overview

An H-1B visa is reserved to highly skilled workers or employees who come to the United States using a specialty visa and who is sponsored by a US employer to work or render services for a certain period of time.

States and Cities Demanding for H-1B Visa

There are several demands for highly skilled workers:

  • Northeastern Areas – the demand accounts for 16.3 percent of H-1B visas.
    • New York
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
  • Top four Metropolitan areas have H-1B visa workerrequests between 14,000 to 18,000:
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco California
    • San Jose California
    • Greater Washington D.C.

Among the driving forces that raise the demand for H-1B visas are some cities like Columbus Indiana, Fayetteville Arkansas, Wal-Mart Stores, Patni Americas, and several other private establishments and employees.

H1-B applications in China and India made easier

In making the applications for H-1B visas for temporary highly educated employees, easier specially in India and China, the Congress has moved to ease the backlogs for applicants in the two countries.

The annual numerical cap for H-1B visa is limited by Congress to 85,000 people. The numerical limit for 2012 was completed much faster than last year.

Significant policy recommendations from the report:

  • There must be an independent commission that can propose timely changes to immigration policy in order to immediately address a high demand for jobs in the market.
  • A recommendation on the target H-1B visa fees to certain geographical locations to improve the skills of the existing labor force.
  • A findings that the most in demand occupation are:
    • computer specialists
    • engineers
    • health practitioners
    • diagnosticians
    • financial specialists
    • business-operations specialists
    • life scientists


Many foreign nationals aim to work in the United States to financially improve the quality of their life and to have a taste of the American dream. Based on previous experiences of immigrants and workers to the United States for the past years, their standard of living has significantly improved.

Many have tried their luck to apply for a job and a US work visa on their own or without the assistance of an immigration attorney. While there are a few who succeeded in obtaining one, many committed mistakes along the process and placed their immigration application at risk.

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