TN Visa Lawyers in NYC

A Canadian citizen who wants to work in NYC may find that a TN visa is just the type of United States work visa they’re looking for. The TN Visa is available to Canadian citizens or citizens of Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. It is a work visa that is valid for three years, and there are very specific criteria that need to be met when you apply for one. 

Note that Canadian permanent residents are not able to apply for a TN visa to work in the United States.

Work in NYC on a TN Visa

Do you meet the requirements for a TN visa? You should figure this out before you apply, otherwise you risk being denied when you apply. Avoid disappointment, and make sure you have the following ready:

You will need proof of your Canadian citizenship in the form of a valid passport or birth certificate. If you use a birth certificate, make sure your passport is valid anyway. Your passport should be valid for at least three years, as it cannot expire before your TN visa does.

You will need to make sure that the job offer letter you have from your potential United States employer is formatted specifically for a TN visa application. The job you’ve been offered must also appear under Chapter 15, Schedule 2 of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Are you qualified for the job you’ve been offered? You must be able to demonstrate that with your educational transcripts, resume or employer references.

TN Visa Lawyers serving NYC

Our award-winning immigration law firm has been helping Canadian citizens work in the United States on TN visas for many years. We have the experience and resources it takes to make your application shine and have knowledge of the ins and outs of immigration law in both the United States and Canada. If you wish to apply for a TN Visa or another type of work visa to work in NYC, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We would be happy to assist you, assess your case as well as help you prepare your TN visa application.

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