Refused Entry to Canada For A Criminal Record

Americans are often refused entry to Canada, usually because there is a criminal history or criminal conviction in their past that renders them inadmissible to Canada. While a criminal record is not the only reason someone would be denied entry to Canada, it is a common one. denied entry to Canada

Someone who is denied entry to Canada must return to the United States immediately. If they have driven to Canada and tried to cross at the United States-Canada border, they are required to drive back to the United States. Someone who has flown into a Canadian airport is required to wait until they are put on the soonest flight home.

While this can be frustrating, it is important to recognize that you do have options when you are inadmissible to Canada. However, you need to know why you are inadmissible to Canada in the first place before you can determine if there is a way to overcome this inadmissibility.

Reasons for inadmissibility to Canada

A criminal record, especially a criminal record related to driving under the influence, is a major reason many American citizens are denied entry to Canada every year. However, there are also other factors that can result in your being declared inadmissible to Canada.

For example, if you have a medical problem that can pose a risk to others, like a communicable disease, you could be considered inadmissible. If you have an immigration history that involves overstaying your visas or providing false information, you can also be denied entry to Canada.

Another reason people can be denied entry to Canada is that they do not have proof of sufficient funs to support their trip to Canada and any relatives that come with them.

Inadmissibility to Canada can be upsetting, but don’t cancel your plans until you speak with a licensed immigration lawyer. We can help you sort out your options!

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