Questions to ask an immigration lawyer in NYC

Do you want to immigrate to New York City? New York City (NYC) is a highly sought-after immigration destination for many, as is the United States in general. Because the immigration process can be competitive and difficult, an immigration attorney can assist you through the process and give you more of a fighting chance. But not all immigration attorneys are equal, and it’s recommended that you ask any immigration lawyer the following questions before you decide to hire them. 

NYC Immigration lawyer questions

Who will be handling my case? Keep in mind that just because you saw an advertisement for a law firm online or on television, that doesn’t necessarily mean the lawyer you see in that ad will be the one handling your case directly. There could be a team of lawyers working at that firm, and they all may be equally qualified to handle your particular case – just be sure to ask to make sure they are.

How often will I hear from you? Much of the immigration process is waiting for things to be processed, but that doesn’t mean you should go for long periods of time without hearing from your immigration lawyer. They should respond to your messages in a timely manner.

Do you have references? Keep in mind that legal services are confidential. That said, immigration lawyers who do a good job often get thank you letters or testimonials from happy clients, which they can show you.

How much do you charge? You shouldn’t get any surprises when it comes to fees for legal services. Your charges should be outlined in advance for you.

Do you think my immigration case will be a success or a failure? An immigration lawyer should be able to draw on all of their experiences and knowledge to let you know if they think your outcome will be positive or not. Avoid a lawyer who guarantees anything – no matter how good a lawyer is, they cannot guarantee an approved application and if they do, they may be engaging in illegal activities.

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