I Overstayed My United States Tourist Visa

Overstaying a United States tourist visa is a very serious matter. As of 1996, United States immigration laws have been reformed to attach very significant consequences to overstaying a United States tourist visa.

Some of these consequences you could encounter if you overstay a United States tourist visa include:

Consequences for overstaying a United States tourist visa

You may not be able to get a new visa unless you return to your country of origin beforehand.
You could be unable to change your status or extend your stay
Your existing visa could be voided
You could be banned from returning to the United States for three or ten years depending on how long you’ve overstayed your United States tourist visa.

It is not advisable to overstay your United States tourist visa under any circumstances. You could run into serious trouble if you do, and your overstay could affect any future United States travel, visa or permanent residence applications.

You do have options if your United States tourist visa is about to expire and you cannot leave the United States – but it’s advisable you consider these options as soon as possible. some examples of these options include a change of status or an extension of stay.

If you have or will have overstayed a United States tourist visa, contact a licensed immigration attorney immediately. We may be able to help you look into your options and make things go more smoothly for you – don’t delay, as the situation can be very serious and affect you in the future. You can contact us using the form to the right of this page or the telephone number at the top of this page for an assessment of your case.

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