NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg: New York City is Pro-immigrant

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg claims that New York City is the best place for immigrants. According to his his statement, from Christina Boyle of

“The only place in the country where we don’t have any anti-immigrant sentiments is in New York City”

He hopes to pass a bill called the dream act to make it easier for students to get state funding, regardless of their immigrant status. Currently, it is difficult for students to get funding if they are undocumented immigrants.

Making NYC more pro-immigrant

If this bill passes, it will make New York City an even better place for immigrants. Despite any possible complications in securing immigration documents, students will be able to take advantage of New York’s education. Not only will this increase the skills of students, it will help New York’s economy, which is largely based on an immigrant workforce.

Immigration and the economy

Bloomberg considers immigration a key part of a strong economy. According to Reuters, when asked about  the US inability to decrease the deficit Bloomberg responded that immigration was the key factor:

I think the federal government is doing everything that it can to destroy the engine that we need to take us out of it, but I don’t remember saying that in that context. The federal government’s got other problems. They are trying to drive industry overseas with our immigration policy, and hurt industries here, they are trying to create chaos in the streets, that’s going to hurt the economy and it’s certainly inhumane, with more guns than people – stop me when you get bored.

As you can see, Bloomberg wants to use immigration as a tool for the economy and culture of NYC. For immigrants, this means that NYC is a promising place to settle.

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