NYC the Second Most Prosperous City in the World

The United Nations Human Settlements Program has released its State of the World Cities 2012/2012 report this month, with New York City being the only United States city out of all of the 69 cities listed on the report. 

“Cities are a remedy to the global crisis,” said the report. “They provide ready, flexible and creative platforms that can mitigate the effects of regional and global crises in a pragmatic, balanced and efficient way.”

Based on the City Prosperity Index, these cities are ranked by their productivity, environmental sustainability, equity and social inclusion, infrastructure development and quality of life.

More prosperous cities like New York are very effective when it comes to attracting and cultivating talent to develop their human capital. In addition, these prosperous cities have the best ways of dealing with things like unemployment, food shortages, political instability and the strain on financial institutions, all of which are reasons that many cities didn’t make the list of 69 countries at all.

The report also said that, “as the world moves into the urban age, the dynamism and intense vitality of cities become even more prominent. A fresh future is taking shape, with urban areas around the world becoming not just the dominant form of habitat for humankind, but also the engine-rooms of human development as a whole.

According to the report, New York City provides 10 per cent of the United States’ GDP while only housing 6.3 per cent of the American population.

While the majority of the top 25 countries are in Europe, New York and Toronto were the only North American cities that made the top 25.

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