NYC Border Immigration Lawyer

People are denied entry to the United States and denied entry to Canada every day when they try to cross the border or enter either country via an airport. As the largest international land border with over 100 checkpoints, they see over 300,000 people crossing every single day. Border agents are required to ensure that the people who enter Canada and the United States do not pose security risks, and as a result some people end up being denied entry. Border Immigration Lawyer

Being denied entry to either country is actually quite common, and it can happen to anyone. This is because there is a large number of reasons why people are denied entry, like having a history of immigration issues, a medical problem, or having a criminal record.

Border immigration lawyer serving NYC and surrounding areas

If you are having trouble crossing a border, have had trouble making a US-Canada border crossing before or you are concerned that you could have trouble making a border crossing, please contact our immigration law firm. We can help you determine the reasons for your inadmissibility and explore your options for overcoming it. For example, if you have had an issue making a US-Canada border crossing because you have a criminal record, there are many options available to you.

For trouble entering Canada, there are temporary resident permits or criminal rehabilitation available. For trouble entering the United States, there is the possibility of applying for United States waivers.

However, it is imperative that you speak with a licensed immigration lawyer before you have to travel, as some of these options can be extensive and time consuming. Contact us at the telephone number on the top of this page for assistance, no matter how many obstacles you are facing.

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