New York is Pressed to Implement Immigration Reform Farther

NEW YORK – Several young illegal immigrants in New York State and from all over the United States are likely to apply for the deferment of their present or possible removal proceedings by virtue of the recent immigration policy of the Obama administration. There are advocacy organizations that are pushing some States like New York to take further steps in the implementation of the reform.

Applicants for Deferred action

The deferred action policy will provide a temporary postponement of deportation to young undocumented immigrants who came to the United States when they were fifteen years old or younger. However, the program will not grant them eligibility for federal financial aid programs.

To date, the deferred action policy has no right of appeal. Advocates are therefore suggesting that applicants should provide the proper and complete documentation to avoid delay and for a successful application.

What to demonstrate in an application

Some requirements needed to process an application for deferred action are the following:

  • The documents to be submitted should demonstrate that the applicants have continuously resided in the United States for at least five years. Proof of continuous residency can be the bank transaction records or school records.
  • They must prove that they have arrived or lived in the United States at the age of fifteen or younger.
  • They should also undergo fingerprinting and background check to see if they have past criminal records. Applicants who have committed serious or grave offenses will not be qualified under the program.

New York State Dream Act

Chung Wa Hong, the executive director of New York Immigration Coalition stated during Brian Lehrer Show at WNYC on Monday, “That’s a critical piece of what the states can do in response to what the president did, because even if you’re eligible, even if you’re free from deportation, you can get your work permit, if you can’t afford to go to school, you’re only helping people half the way.”

The New York Immigration Coalition is one of the advocacy groups working toward a New York State Dream Act that is intended to grant tuition assistance to illegal young immigrants.

Nonetheless, the State of New York is among the States that provide in-state to immigrants irrespective of their status.

Application processing

To obtain a reprieve under the deferred action program, the applicants will have to be extra diligent in gathering necessary documents and evidence because there is currently no appeal laid down for applicants who may be disapproved.

It is best to consult an immigration attorney who has an adept knowledge in all areas of US immigration laws.

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