New Skilled Worker Point System For Canadian Permanent Residence in 2013

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is a very popular program: it is the largest economic immigration program in the country, and it offers applicants permanent residency when they qualify based on their personal credentials like Canadian work experience and their education.
The popularity of the program may be what contributed in part to the giant application backlog, where applicants were waiting years for their applications to be processed. To deal with this issue, the government temporarily stopped receiving new applications.

While the program has been closed, the government has been holding consultations to best determine how to move forward once the program is reopened. It is expected to reopen as early as January 2013. The government has also announced that there will be changes to the program when it comes back.

The Skilled Worker Program Point System

When you apply for the Skilled Worker Program, you are assessed by how many points you receive for meeting certain qualifications. For example, you can earn points based on your education level, your proficiency in English or French, your work experience and more. You need 67 points to pass, out of a possible 100 points.

But the government wants to put more emphasis on some of the specific criteria in the program. For example, they’ve announced that they will start awarding more points for Canadian work experience, and fewer points for work experience in other countries. They will also award more points to younger applicants, and the major focus of the re-vamped program will be the applicants’ language abilities. In addition, applicants can score points for having spouses’ language abilities.

If you are planning on applying for permanent residency in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program, please contact our immigration law firm. This is a competitive program with limited visas given out each year, and you will want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with your application.

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