More NYC Deportation Proceedings End In Favour of Immigrants: How a Lawyer can stop deportation from the United States

According to an article recently published in New York-based online magazine Capital, New York City seems to take a much more favourable approach to immigrants during deportation proceedings than the rest of the United States. 

Across the United States, an average of two-thirds of deportation proceedings that make it to court result in the immigrant being deported from the country.

However, In New York City, approximately 74 per cent of these immigrants ended up staying in the United States this year as judges ruled in their favour. In the last 10 years, the deportation rate in New York City has fallen from 51 per cent to just 26 per cent.

The only other city that rejects as many deportation cases from federal authorities is Portland.

The article begins telling the story of a Chinese man who was targeted for deportation from the United States because he didn’t have any legal status in the country. He belonged to a banned religious group in China and was badly beaten by village officials in China. The judge let him stay.

ICE, when contacted, said they are more focused on removing people convicted of crimes or who have engaged in immigration fraud.

Do NYC Immigration Lawyers make the difference?

Another interesting point in the article is that immigration lawyers may make a significant difference in who is deported from the United States and who is not. Those who do not hire an immigration lawyer are on their own, and there is no public defender for them.

And the statistics prove it: 74 per cent of those who were facing deportation but had lawyers were able to stay in the United States, while only 13 per cent of those who did not have lawyers where allowed to stay.

The article is definitely an interesting one if you want to see a different perspective on the logistics of deportation.



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