Mayor Bloomberg Urges Presidential Contenders to Tackle Immigration Issues

NEW YORK CITY — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endeavored to stir up presidential debate over immigration issues while declaring that there is no quick or inexpensive method to overhaul the country’s economic troubles than by doing away with immigration policies, which he said are “self-defeating”.

Immigrants as economic driving force

Mayor Bloomberg, in his editorial publication and at one of his appearances for business leaders in Boston and Chicago is beyond convinced that immigrants and their businesses are vehicles for the economic recovery of the United States.

By causing talented or brilliant international students and young foreign entrepreneurs with great potentials to leave the country and seek  opportunities in other countries, the United States according to Mayor Bloomberg is killing the country’s economy.

Immigrants’ role in business development

The partnership of Mayors and business leaders co-chaired by Mayor Bloomberg has released a study on Tuesday showing that immigrants had contributed one  out of four new businesses established in 2011.

“I know of no ways to help our economy as quickly and as cost-free as opening up proper ways to people who will come here, create jobs, create businesses, help our universities,” Bloomberg stated.

He further argued, “Immigration is what built the country, immigration is what kept this country going for the last 235 years and now we seem to have walked away from it.”

Bloomberg’s proposals 

  1. provision for Green Cards for top international graduate students at a college or university in the United States;
  2. percentage of Green Cards being awarded should be increased based on economic needs;
  3. a special visa intended for entrepreneurs;
  4. a guest worker program for seasonal workers.

The mayor of New York is also an advocate for providing undocumented immigrants a means to obtain US citizenship.

Presidential Campaigns and immigration issues

Conservative media personality Rupert Murdoch during the forum in Boston, called it a “scandal” to send away highly skilled graduates after a certain time under temporary work visa program. He said that immigrant students who graduated in science, math, or technology field should have a green card attached to their diploma.

Both Mayor Bloomberg and Murdoch were putting pressure on two presidential candidates to lay down their terms and proposals on immigration issues. They both believe that whoever gets the presidential seat will have to work with the legislature for the general interests of the United States.

At the forum in Boston, Mayor Bloomberg who became part of both major political parties said that the tendency of the Republican to stand against immigration changes  is “one of the dumbest strategies” he had ever noticed.

Furthermore, aside from encouraging political leaders to implement immigration policy changes, the New York City mayor also appealed to President Barack Obama and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney to address the issue on gun violence.

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