How to Get an L1 Visa for NYC in 2012

An L1 Visa for the USA is a type of United States work visa. It is a specific type of visa geared towards those who are expanding their business to the United States.

Who qualifies for an L1 Visa for the United States?

An L1 Visa for the United States is for people who are being transferred to work in the United States from a foreign company. In order to qualify, you must:

1. Have worked outside the United States for one full year within the last three years full-time.
2. You must have worked for a qualifying organization that is outside of the United States in a specialized knowledge position, an executive position or a manager position.
3. You need to be being transferred to the US to work for either a new or existing US business that is a subsidiary, branch or affiliate of the foreign company you work for.

Types of L1 Visas

There are two types of the L1 Visa for the United States, the L-1A Visa and the L-1B Visa.

The L-1A visa is for employees in managerial and executive positions, while the L-1B is for employees with specialized knowledge.

Please note that executive potations, manager positions and persons with specialized knowledge all have very specific legal definitions, and it is important to consult with a licensed immigration lawyer to learn which of these visas you may qualify for.

The length of time an L1 Visa is good for is between five and seven years, depending on the type and your circumstances. Are you an employee being transferred to the United States, or a company who wants to open a new office or branch in the United States? We can help! Contact us using the form on the right or at the telephone number above for an assessment.

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