How To Apply For A TN Visa For NYC

A TN Visa is a United States work visa for people in specific occupations who have job offers. The applicant must be a Canadian citizen (or Mexican citizen) or they will not qualify for the visa. The requirements for a TN visa are extremely specific, but there is no limit to how many of these visas the United States government gives out each year. To make sure you are qualified for a TN visa, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer. 

How to obtain a TN visa

1. Obtain a job offer from a United States company or employer. This job offer needs to be formatted for a TN visa, in a special TN visa petition that includes all of the necessary details of the job. Most United States employers will have an immigration lawyer draft this up for them as it must meet the requirements. ??2. Check to ensure that your job is on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) Professional Job Series List, and that you have the qualifications for the job. ??3. Gather all of your supporting documentation for your application, which will include your proof of citizenship, proof of your ties to Canada (to prove you will not overstay your visa) and your resume or copies of any relevant degrees or diplomas. ??4. Have your supporting documentation reviewed by a licensed immigration lawyer, who will make sure that everything is prepared properly and ready to go.??5. Visit the United States border and inform the customs officers that you wish to apply for a TN visa. ??6. You will be directed to a different area where you will have an interview with a Treaty Officer, who will review your supporting documentation and your job offer letter to make sure you are qualified before allowing you through.??We are a team of immigration lawyers who have helped many Canadian citizens work in the United States. Contact us today for help!

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