How Do I Obtain a TN Visa?

If you are a Canadian Citizen in a professional occupation, you can work in the United States for a maximum of three years on a TN Visa. You may also be able to renew your TN visa, and there aren’t any limits as to how many TN Visas are issued by the United States government annually. 

How to Obtain a TN Visa

1. Have a job offer with a US company that is for no longer than three years.

2. Make sure this job offer is consistent with the NAFTA list of acceptable professions for a TN Visa. This list can be found here:
Is your job not on the list? We may be able to help you anyway. Contact one of our licensed immigration lawyers using the form on the right!

3. Ensure you are qualified for the job and can prove this visa educational transcripts, your work history and resume.

4. Have your employer draft a petition for TN Visa, which is something like a cover letter for your TN Visa application. This letter needs to be formatted specifically and must include all of the applicable information about the job including the terms of employment, length of employment and salary.

5. Gather all of your supporting documentation and ensure you haven’t missed anything. You will need to have this with you when you apply for a TN Visa and these documents can include your resume, education history, work references, proof of your Canadian Citizenship, etc.

6. Make an application for a TN Visa at the US Customs and Immigration checkpoint at the border or the airport/other port of entry. When you arrive, say you are applying for a TN Visa. You will be required to provide all of your supporting documentation and your job offer while you make your case and prove to the Treaty officer why you are qualified for a TN Visa.

What if my application for a TN Visa is denied?

If your application for a TN Visa is denied, you will be turned back over to the Canadian immigration officers and not be given a TN Visa. You may be able to avoid this if you discuss your TN Visa application with a licensed immigration lawyer first – we can help you make sure your application is in order and tell you if you are eligible for a TN Visa before you make your way to the United States. Contact us using the form on the right or call us at the number above!

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