How Can I Become A Citizen of Canada?

Many American citizens move to Canada and eventually become Canadian citizens. But this process is not an easy one, as the future Canadian citizen must first become a permanent resident. There are a number of ways one can become a permanent resident of Canada, and after they have remained a permanent resident in good standing for a certain amount of time they may apply to become a Canadian citizen. Applying for Canadian Citizenship

For example, along with having to take a citizenship test, swear a citizenship oath and meet specific language requirements, the applicant has to meet a residency requirement before they may apply for citizenship.

The Residency Requirement for Canadian Citizenship

One of the major benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen is that Canadian citizens do not have a residency requirement. This means that they can leave and re-enter Canada as often as they like, without having to meet a minimum physical presence in Canada. However, those who wish to apply for Canadian citizenship do need to meet a residency requirement, which is different than the regular permanent resident residency obligation.

For instance, permanent residents of Canada must live in Canada for two years out of every five year period they are a permanent resident. However, if one wishes to apply for Canadian citizenship they must live in Canada for three years out of the four year period before they apply for citizenship. This three year period amounts to 1095 days, for which every day spent in Canada as a permanent resident counts toward. However, if someone is living in Canada not as a permanent resident for some of this time, they can count these as half days.

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