Hiring an Immigration Representative in NYC

If you are ready to take the step to immigrate to either Canada or the United States, you should consider hiring an immigration representative before you do so. While you do not have to hire an immigration representative and you are welcome to attempt to navigate the immigration system by yourself. However, please know that the immigration process is complicated and most often time-consuming – and considering the fact that any immigration application can be a huge step in your life and the life of your family, it is a good idea to at least consult with an immigration representative before you begin. There are two types of immigration representatives, immigration consultants and immigration lawyers, and they are not the same thing. 

Immigration Lawyers Or Immigration Consultants?

An immigration consultant is a type of immigration representative that can help you fill out your immigration forms, explain your immigration forms to you and submit them. They are not allowed to give you legal advice and are regulated by a new governing body. The old regulatory body didn’t do a good job at keeping track of its consultants, and as a result many shady immigration consultants were operating across Canada. The new regulatory body is only about a year old, so we have to wait and see if they are able to ensure all consultants act ethically.

An immigration lawyer is a type of lawyer, meaning they have a license to practice law and have finished law school. They are held to extremely high standards by their regulatory bodies and must continue to undergo professional development. They have a better understanding of the immigration laws and can offer you legal advice or represent you in court where necessary.

That said, not all immigration lawyers are the same either!

Why hire us for your immigration needs

If you hire any immigration representative, you should expect them to provide you with a high level of attention and care. When choosing an immigration lawyer, do your research online and see if there are any reviews or testimonials available for that particular immigration law firm – not only will you be able to learn about their track record, you will be able to determine if that law firm treats their clients the way you want to be treated during the immigration process.

Any information provided here does not constitute legal advice and is intended for general information only. Should you require legal advise, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer directly. All blog postings are public and are not subject to solicitor/client confidentially. Case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case, and case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any further case undertaken by the lawyer.



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