Hiring an Immigration Attorney? Questions to Ask

If you are planning on immigrating to NYC, an immigration lawyer can be a valuable asset to help you navigate the very complex immigration system. Whether you need help with a troublesome immigration situation or you need help with an immigration application, an immigration lawyer (or immigration attorney) is one of the best investments you can make. But not all immigration attorneys are created equal. By asking the right questions in advance, you can set yourself up with a great attorney. Questions to Ask an immigration lawyer

Questions to ask an immigration attorney

Question 1: Do you have any testimonials? Positive recommendations, referrals and word-of-mouth are extremely important for immigration lawyers and every other type of professional. A good immigration lawyer will have testimonials or thank you letters that you can see.

Question 2: Will my case succeed? A good immigration lawyer should never tell you they can guarantee your case will be approved. A shady one might, though. If they do guarantee approval, find a new one immediately. Otherwise, expect an answer about the likelihood of how your case will go based on the lawyer’s experiences and knowledge.

Question 3: Who will my lawyer be? It’s likely that not just one lawyer works at the law firm you are looking into. There might be many lawyers, and you need to make sure whoever is representing you is experienced and qualified.

Question 4: What do you charge? You can expect a reputable immigration lawyer to be upfront about their fees. No one deserves to be surprised with hidden fees later on.

Question 5: How often can I expect updates? You don’t deserve to feel like you’ve been left in the dark about something that is so important to you and your future. Ask your immigration lawyer how often you can expect updates on your immigration case, and how available they will be to you when you need to ask them a question.

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