Get a TN visa for NYC

If you are a Canadian citizen who has a job offer in New York City, you will require a work visa – no matter whether you have a job offer or not.

There are many different United States work visas available for foreign nationals and Canadian citizens, including the TN visa which is available exclusively to Canadian citizens (or citizens of Mexico) under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Apply for a TN visa

But a TN visa is not suitable to just any profession. If you are a Canadian citizen (not a permanent resident) with a valid job offer, that’s just the beginning. You must also ensure that the job you’ve been offered is on the NAFTA list of jobs acceptable for a TN visa, and these types of occupations are professional occupations like doctors, lawyers or scientists.

Requirements for a TN Visa

If you meet the above requirements, you’re well on your way. You must apply for a TN visa, and a major component of your TN visa application is the supporting documentation that must accompany it.

You will need to demonstrate that your job offer is consistent with the list of approved TN visa jobs for the United States, and that your job offer is temporary. The TN visa is a temporary visa.

Your job offer itself must be formatted in a specific way from your employer, while you must also prove that you are qualified for the job you’ve been offered. You will need to provide any copies of relevant educational degrees or certificates, and reference letters from current or previous employers may also be beneficial.

The TN visa is not an easy visa to obtain, but we can help you. We can also assist you in determining whether you qualify for the TN visa or if there is another type of visa you would be better suited for.

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