Five Ways To Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

When you are immigrating to the United States or in Canada, you will need to complete a lot of paperwork as a component of your application. This includes your application forms themselves as well as all of the necessary supporting documentation that is required for whichever visa you are applying for. Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

Immigration officers have many immigration applications they must process every single day. You need to make sure that your application is exactly what they are looking for. If there is something wrong with it, you can be denied. Avoid making errors by following these simple steps:

How to fill out immigration forms properly

Tip 1: Always photocopy your immigration application and supporting documents. This is important for your own records. In addition, submitting your application visa courier is recommended to ensure your application package doesn’t get lost in the mail, and you should also remember to photocopy your courier slip.

Tip 2: Never leave anything out of your application package. Your supporting documents are vital components of your application and your visa officer’s decision. These can include identification documents, resumes, academic transcripts and much more. If for any reason something cannot be included, explain why in a brief cover letter so there is no confusion.

Tip 3: Equally important as not leaving anything out of your package is not leaving anything out of your application forms. There are many fields on the application forms that must be filled out. If you cannot fill in something, write “not applicable” so it does not look as if a field on the form was skipped or forgotten.

Tip 4: Pay your fees at a designated and qualified financial institution as recommended by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Keep in mind that you are expected to include your receipt with your application package.

Tip 5: Show your completed application to a licensed and experienced immigration lawyer to ensure it is ready for processing.

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