Entering Canada with a DUI

If you need to travel to Canada to visit, to attend a business meeting, to meet with your family abroad or just to take a vacation, beware about traveling with a criminal record for DUI.

Criminal records can be one of many reasons why someone would be denied entry to Canada. While not every type of criminal record will result in your being denied entry to Canada, a DUI almost certainly will. This is because Canada takes DUIs pretty seriously.

If your DUI conviction is more than five years old, you could consider applying for criminal rehabilitation in order to be allowed into Canada. If accepted, your criminal inadmissibility will essentially go away.

However, if you do not qualify for criminal rehabilitation, you could consider an application for a temporary resident permit. If you are approved, you will be able to enter Canada even though you have a criminal record for DUI.

Applying for a temporary resident permit in Canada

When you apply for a temporary resident permit, you will have to:

Demonstrate that you have enough money and financially stable enough to pay for your time in Canada, including your activities, food and wherever you are staying. You must also indicate that you have enough money to leave Canada, whether you need to buy a plane ticket home or by other means.

2. Demonstrate that you have a life in your home country. This means that you’ve got family, a house, an apartment lease, a job or anything else in your home country that would mean you will return home after you’ve visited Canada. This is important, because Canadian officials will need to know that you are not going to overstay your temporary resident permit and remain in Canada.

There are also several supporting documents you’ll have to include in your application. Temporary resident permits are some of the most commonly-denied visa applications, so you will need to ensure that your application is perfect.

We are licensed immigration attorneys with the experience and resources to help you reduce your chances of being denied for a temporary resident permit.

We will assess you case and provide you with a comprehensive overview of what we expect for your temporary resident permit application, while also making sure that your application is well-made and that your application package is complete.

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