Do I Qualify For the Skilled Worker List To Immigrate To Canada

The NOC (National Occupational Classification) is sometimes referred to as the “Skilled Worker Job List”. This is because it is used to determine what kind of work experience and skills sets are eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada. 

The goal of the National Occupational Classification is that job descriptions across Canada are standardized. This means that thanks to the NOC, the qualifications and work description for a civil engineer in one province is the same job in another province or territory. Along with immigration applications and immigration eligibility, the NOC is also used for research, analysis, statistics, employer job postings and job seekers in Canada.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program allows people who have specific kinds of work experience to immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents. To qualify, these workers must have skill sets and job experience that is consistent with specific NOC job numbers.

Eligibility for the Skilled Worker Program in Canada

The minimum work experience requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program are having at least 1 year of full-time, paid work experience within skill level B (technical occupations and skilled trades), skill level A (professional occupations) or skill type 0 (managerial occupations) as per the National Occupational Classification List.

In addition to the above minimum work experience requirements, you will have to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program using the points system. This points system gives points for various qualifying criteria, and the more points you have, the better. You must obtain 67 points of of 100 in order to qualify for the Skilled Worker Program. Language proficiency, work experience, age, an arranged job offer and your adaptability all affect how qualified you are to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. For example, a high school diploma will earn you 5 points in the education category, but a master’s degree or PhD will get you 25 points.

If you don’t have enough points, you may not qualify. However, you may still be able to establish yourself in Canada and support yourself and your family – in which case, you should consult with a licensed immigration lawyer to see how you can immigrate to Canada.

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