Do I need an immigration lawyer for a tourist or visitor visa?

Many people from all over the world will require a visitor visa if they want to visit Canada as a tourist. If you are from a country whose citizens require visitor visas to enter the country, you may submit a visitor visa application. If you are approved, you will be granted a temporary visitor visa that will allow you to enter Canada. Tourist Visa Immigration Lawyer

Note that not everyone requires a visitor visa to enter Canada.

If you are from a country whose citizens require a visa to come to Canada, an immigration lawyer can be of great assistance. This is because visitor visa applications, even though they are only for temporary residence in Canada, are not easy.

Applying for a visitor visa in Canada

When you apply for a visitor in Canada, it’s not as simple as just filling out an application form. There are also a number of different pieces of supporting documentation that are necessary for you to include in your application.

For example, you need to demonstrate with supporting documentation your reasons for visiting Canada. You will also need to demonstrate that you have the sufficient funds to support yourself while you are in Canada. It can be helpful to provide a letter from your employer that indicates you are employed in your home country and will not be working in Canada or looking for work.

You must also, as a visitor in Canada, meet the requirements for entry into Canada meaning you cannot have a medical problem or a criminal record that would render you inadmissible to Canada.

Even though it seems like it should be, obtaining a visitor visa for Canada is not easy. It’s important that you consult with a licensed immigration lawyer before you have to travel to Canada to ensure that you are eligible for one, and for assistance with your application.

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