Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in NYC?

If you are attending a business meeting in NYC, you might need a business visitor visa. This visa is also known as a B1 visa. While a business visitor visa for NYC can be obtained quickly, it is not easy – you must prove to immigration officials that you are not going to be actually working in the United States.  

A work visa is a document that allows you to work in the United States and earn income from a United States employer. However, if you are just coming to NYC for a business meeting you will need a B1 visa and not a work permit.

What activities do I need a business visitor visa for?

Some of the activities you can pursue on a business visitor visa in the United States include attending business meetings, negotiating contracts, buying property, attending business conventions, attending conferences and consulting with your American associates.

What do I need to get a business visitor visa?

The main issue with obtaining a business visitor visa is proving to immigration authorities that:

1. You will not overstay your visa and remain in the United States when it expires.

2. You will not actually be working and earning an income in the United States.

In order to prove these above two things, you will need supporting documentation. These supporting documents include:

1. That you have ties to your home country that are strong enough to make you return once your visit is over. This can include evidence of family, finances or property in your home country.

2. That you have a solid itinerary that shows you will not be engaging in any activities while in the United States that are not permissible B1 visa activities.

3. That you work for a foreign employer outside of the United States. A letter from your employer can help with this one.

If you are denied for a business visitor visa to the United States, you could miss an important business meeting or event that is vital to your business or career. Don’t leave this up to chance! Contact one of our licensed immigration lawyers today for help obtaining your B1 business visitor visa for NYC.

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