Coming to New York on J-1 Visa Season

It is summertime in New York and that can only mean one thing: J-1 visa season is officially in full swing.  With accommodations, jobs, and healthcare amongst the major problems that students are facing, J-1 visa holders are in no doubt having a tough time.

The Statue of Liberty in New York City.

J-2 Visa New York Tales

Take for example the case of two Irish students from Limerick. They arrived in New York in early June to begin their J-1 summer experience.  While they have no job offer or accommodation which means that they are technically homeless, the two Irish students are not panicking.

They have been looking for apartments but the buildings super didn’t want to accept short term leases.  With so many landlords requiring a minimum one year lease and realtors wanting a broker fee, J-1 visa students in New York like these two Irish guys simply cannot afford it.  Fortunately however, the students are able to stay with one of their uncle until they are able to find a short-term rental.

Since their arrival, the pair of friends have been spending a lot of time surfing the Internet searching for accommodation for which they have come up with the following results- It’s all about who you know instead of what you know.

As most of their money has been spent so far on transport and food which includes the one hour bus trip from New Jersey into the Port Authority, the college friends spend their day searching for summer employment and a place to live.  The one bonus that have come across is that they have enjoyed meeting fellow Irish students who are also in New York on J-1 visas for the summer.

Headhunters and employment advisors state that the worst outcome for students is being forced to return home after running out of money and not being able to find work and accommodations.  Experts in the field advise students to use any resource that they have at their disposal such knocking on every door before they decide return home.

Fortunately, other students on J-1 visas have more luck than others.  An Irish female student got her brother, who lives in New York, to locate an apartment for her before she arrived in New York. Along with five or her friends from Queens University, she decided to make her way to New York for a summer experience.  With nothing to do at home except a weekend job, she made her way to New York for a life changing experience.  Currently, five out of her six friends have already found employment in New York with three of them working in a restaurant, one as a personal assistance and another in a café.

A Warning for J-1 Visa Students

While working seasonal jobs in the hospitality industry such as bars and restaurants means that students are tempted to walk home late at night, immigration experts strongly oppose this kind of practice.  According to Irish advocacy groups, many people might see young Irish students ripe for the picking and easy targets by walking home late at night. Still, many unemployed Irish students seek solace by the fact that there is a tremendous support network already existing in New York to assist Irish students in seeking employment and accommodations for the summer.

Studying or traveling abroad can be exciting and rewarding, but an applicant for a visa must be wary of taking any steps further without being counseled and assisted by an immigration lawyer because such excitement could result to unforeseen catastrophes. It is always to the advantage of a J-1 visa applicant to have an immigration lawyer who can offer suggestions and guidance on topics concerning J-1 visa application and what an applicant should do and prepare in coming to New York.

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