Sponsoring your Relatives for Permanent Residence to Canada?

This area of Canadian Immigration deals with those immigrants who are sponsored for Permanent Residence by a close relative in Canada who is either a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.

To qualify as a Sponsor your relative must be:

  • Your spouse or;
  • Your Mother or Father or; *
  • Your Grandmother or Grandfather or; *
  • Your dependent child or;
  • Your brother, sister, nephew, niece who is orphaned under the age of 19 years and who is unmarried or;
  • Any relative who has no relatives listed above whom they can sponsor.
  • The Sponsor must be able to financially support the immigrant (and dependents) and to provide for their essential needs.
  • There also are strict income requirements that the Sponsor must meet to qualify.
  • However, if the Sponsor is sponsoring a spouse or a dependent child under the age of 19 who is unmarried, then these strict income requirements do not apply.
  • However the sponsor must still demonstrate his or her ability to financially support the immigrant.

What You Need To Know About Family Immigration

The Sponsor must also sign a Sponsorship Agreement between the Sponsor and the Immigrant as well as enter into an agreement with the Government of Canada.

  • The Sponsor in entering into the agreement with the Government of Canada agrees to provide for the essential needs of the immigrant and dependents for a prescribed period of time.
  • Failure to meet any of the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement could result in legal action being taken against the Sponsor
  • NOTE: As of November 5, 2011 there is a hold on all Parental and Grandparent Sponsorship Applications for a two year period. CIC has initiated SuperVisas which allow for quick 10 year multiple entry Visas for up to 24 months.
  • A Sponsor can only be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is at least 19 years old who is physically residing in Canada (or able to demonstrate an intention to reside in Canada by the time the sponsored family member lands in Canada) and who is not in prison; not bankrupt; and not under a removal (deportation) order if a permanent resident.
  • A Sponsor can also have a Co-Signer whose income can be included along with that of the Sponsor.
  • The Co-signer can only be the Sponsor’s Spouse and must also be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident who is at least 19 years old and who is not in prison; not bankrupt and not a person under a removal (deportation) order if a permanent resident.

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In regard to child sponsorship, you know how this has been so much difficult for me and while I want to sustain my hope that I will be in time be reunited with my children, time is really running out for me. But I want to remain hopeful and I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in having this matter resolved and realized for us. Emelinda C