Can Canadians Work In The US

Despite Canada and the United States’ close relationship, Canadian citizens still require a United States work visa before they can work in the United States. But yes, they can work in the United States. 

However, a Canadian will have to determine which type of United States work visa is right for them and figure out if they meet the requirements for it before they can consider working in the United States.

What types of United States work visas are there?

There are several United States work visas that Canadians and other foreign nationals can choose from. Just a few of the examples of United States work visas include the TN visa, the L1 Work Visa, the E2 Work Visa and the H1B Work Visa.

A Canadian citizen who already has a job offer in the United States and works in an occupation that requires a higher level of education such as a doctor or an engineer may be able to apply for a TN Visa. This visa option is only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents may not apply for the TN visa.

But if you’re a Canadian who is not in a job that requires a very high level of education and are already employed full-time with a foreign company that wants to transfer you to their United States office, an L1 Visa is likely your best option.

If you are a foreign national or a Canadian citizen with a job offer in the United States that requires a high level of education or an exceptional level of skill and experience, you may be able to apply for an H1B work visa for the United States.

With all of these visa types, there is quite a bit of paperwork that must be completed in full as well as additional documents that must be submitted with your application. If you miss something or make an error your work in the United States could be compromised as your application may be denied or returned to you.

If you are a Canadian citizen who wishes to work in the United States, discuss your situation with a licensed immigration lawyer. We can assist you in determining which visa is right for you after assessing your case. We can also help you prepare your application for a United States work visa and review your supporting documentation to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes, which will give you a better chance of being approved. You can call us at the telephone number at the top of this page to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer.

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