Apply for a TN Visa to work in NYC

Are you a Canadian citizen with a job offer in NYC? You may know that you require a work permit or work visa to work legally in the United States, even though you are a Canadian citizen. While there are many work visas for the United States that are available for people from different countries, the TN visa is a special work visa available only to Canadian citizens. Apply for a TN visa

The TN visa has strict requirements, beginning with the requirements that you are a Canadian citizen, that you have a job offer in the United States from a US employer already, and that you have a job offer within a specific type of occupation. Occupations suited to the TN visa are typically jobs that are advanced and require high degrees. Some examples are doctors, lawyers and engineers.

Obtaining a TN visa

Unlike most visas, which require a lengthy process of submitting an application via mail and waiting to hear back about your approval, Canadian citizens may apply for the TN visa right at the border or port of entry (an airport). But don’t mistake – the TN visa is NOT easy to obtain, and even though you can apply at the border this also means you can be denied at the border as well. Don’t let this happen to you.

When you go to obtain a TN visa you will need to bring several important pieces of supporting documentation, including a visa petition from your employer, proof that you are qualified for the job you have been offered, information about your work experience and information that shows you are sufficiently tied to Canada – in other words, that you have enough waiting for you back home that you will definitely return and not overstay your visa.

The TN visa is a popular choice for many Canadian workers. Call us today for assistance in obtaining one.

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