All About the H1B Work Visa To Work In New York City

Are you a Canadian or other foreign national with a job offer in New York City? There are multiple types of work visas and work visa categories suitable to anyone who has an existing job offer with a United States employer. The H1B work visa for the United States is just one of these types of work visas, and is available for those who work in specialty occupations with requirements of high levels of education. Apply for an H1B work Visa

Obtaining an H1B Work Visa

The H1B work visa is a limited visa, meaning that there are only certain numbers of them issued every single year. In addition, you can only apply for this visa at certain times. Speak with a licensed immigration lawyer who has experience with H1B work visas to determine how, where and when you should apply for this visa.

The H1B work visa is for specialty occupations. This means that not just anyone can work in this occupation. Typically, a university degree is the minimum educational requirement for the job, and no matter where the job is the strict skill and education requirements are the same.

If you have a job offer with a United States employer, this employer must have the same strict education and skill set requirements that anyone else would have for this particular occupation. In addition, they must obtain a prevailing wage determination in advance of bringing you to the United States to ensure that they will pay you the same amount that anyone else working in this occupation would be paid within their geographic region.

To explore your United States work visa options, or determine which work visa is right for you if you don’t think you are qualified for an H1B work visa, please contact our immigration law firm by using the phone number on the top of this page. We are here to help you.

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