About E2 Visas for the United States

There are many available visas for foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States. They all suit different needs and purposes, and it almost seems like there is a US work visa for every situation. The E2 work visa for the United States is just one of these types of United States work visas, and it is also called an investor visa. E2 Investor Visa

Someone can be eligible for the E2 visa if they are a citizen of a country with which the United States has signed a treaty for this particular visa.

What is involved in obtaining an E2 work visa?

To obtain the E2 investor visa, you are an investor or owner of a business in the United States. The E2 visa requires an investment in a United States business, and the investment itself must be considered “substantial”. There are also other requirements for the qualifying investment itself.

These requirements include that the investment be in an active business. This means that the investment must be in a business and not something that is considered a passive investment such as buying a home. In addition, at least half of the business needs to be owned by a citizen of a treaty country, while the investment needs to create profit that provides more than just enough to support the visa holder and their family.

There isn’t really a minimum amount required for the investment, although as mentioned it must be “substantial”. This generally means about $100,000 USD.

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